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We hope you'll please excuse our mess while we update this website.

We have a brand new design, a fancy new content management system, and over the next week or so, we will be adding all of the old stuff, plus a bunch of brand new content!

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The Webmaster

Updates from Saylorsburg

Musings: Three Years Hence - June 10, 2007

Since I first wrote the webpage for my website here at Spring Lake, N.J., I’ve wanted to write a few follow-ups/corrections, and additions to that first venture three years ago. So I said to the wife, “Let’s go to Spring Lake!” …

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Observations on Repairs

Repairs usually begin with an e-mail where the customer describes his camera and what they think the problem is and an inquiry as to cost and turn-a-round time. After several e-mails, they are ready to send the camera. Often though, the camera arrives without anything in the box except the camera…

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The origins of this website

In August of 2003 my wife again forced me to take her to her favorite place on the New Jersey shore, Spring Lake. Actually my favorite too. I personally hate the beach… love seashores that are scenic marvels. So we kinda compromise, she lays on the beach all day and I go off and search for places to photograph…

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